E42-DWX - Eagle double hook 2.8m with block

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Double block with attachment to harness

The blocks are equipped with a Y-line, provide great safety on smaller work surfaces and counteract pendulum falls when handled correctly, light fall blocks with the highest possible quality and comfort. The model is edge tested and has protection against sharp edges. The drop block has double arms that provide a safe movement at each turn to the anchorage with one of the large hooks.

  • Article number: E42-DWX-2.8
  • Model Number: 41-HWB 2.8 DW
  • Aluminum housing
  • Top-mounted swivel with carbine (carbine not in the picture)
  • Length 2.8 m
  • Standard: EN360: 2002
  • CE 0299 ​​
  • Tested over edge: 0.5 mm
  • Tested for fall factor 2
  • Manufacturer: IKAR