Fall protection block Double hook - 2 meters

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SP SRLD - 2 Our latest new top product, SKYPRO Self Retracting Lifeline (SP SRLD) is now approved up to 150 kg!

-available in 2.0 m version -2 x automatic retraction ropes -1 x compact fall protection -1 x steel carabiner -2 x scaffolding hooks with rotating turn and opening 55 mm SKYPRO SP SRL is a double 2 meter long automatic retraction rope. Thanks to the retraction function, you have no hanging loops around you and thus the tripping over your own line is completely minimized. Thanks to this new fall protection technology, the risk of a fall is almost impossible.

Also suitable for PERI UP scaffolding systems.

Applied standards: EN 360: 2003 (identical to EN 360: 2002) EN 365: 2005 (identical to EN 365: 2004) category PPE III